About Us

About Us


Westleton Common was purchased for the village in 2003, and is managed for Westleton Parish Council by the Westleton Common Committee.


A new Management Plan to run for 10 years from October 2013 supported by funding from Natural England was prepared during 2012 and 2013.  The work required to be done under this plan will be carried out by volunteers - new volunteers are always welcome! - and contractors when necessary,



Westleton Common Advisory Group 2016


Roy Jones   Chairman                     Cllr  WPC


Arlette Smith                                   WPC Chair

Roy Swindell                                    Cllr WPC

David Rous                        Work Party Leader

email: david1rous@btinternet.com

Gordon Turner                     Liaison Cllr WPC

Julian Alexander                              Cllr WPC

Nick Shearme                   Bonfire Cttee Chair

John Bebbington