Village Services

 Westleton Village Store
(Photo: Hillas Smith)

Westleton Village Store and Post Office

One stop village shop and post office.
General groceries, fruit and vegetables, wines, spirits and beers, fresh Suffolk ham, local eggs, honey and jam plus much more.

Monday - Friday 0830 - 1730 (no lunchtime closure)
Saturday 0830 - 1630 (Post Office closes at 1230)
Sundays 0930 - 1230 Easter - 1 September, (Post Office closed all day)

Home deliveries.
Telephone: 01728 648216

 Westleton Garage

Fuel, general repairs, MOT & gas
Open daily 8.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. 8.30pm to 1pm Saturday
Telephone: 01728 648487

Milk and Dairy Produce Delivery

Dairycrest Dairies
Telephone: 01502 572616


J R Creasey, Peasenhall
Deliveries to village on Fridays
Telephone: 01728 660219


Stewart Moffat
Deliveries to village on Thursdays
Telephone: 01728 513223
Mobile: 077298 95756


Sam Felton
Telephone: 01728 648528


Sunday Newspaper Delivery

Tony Wiggins
Telephone: 01986 784248

Hazelwood Hand Laundry

Tuesday evenings
Telephone: 01728 830643

Vegetables and Flowers

Mr F Rouse, Reckford Road, Westleton
Telephone: 01728 648802

Plumber, Boiler Maintenance and General Builder (OFTEC registered)

Chris Freeman, Reckford Road, Westleton
Telephone: 01728 648472

Carpenter & General Building Services

Jim Homersham
Telephone: 01728 648921

Garden Furniture, Trellis & other wooden items

Mr T King, Chatburn Farm, Yoxford Road, Westleton
Telephone: 01728 648533


 Westleton Chapel
(Photo: Robert Jackson)

 Known for clutter, interesting stock, and good service

Books, rare and second-hand, and vinyl
Books and records also bought
12 - 5pm, 7 days a week: often longer in summer, rare exceptions in winter
You can pay by card here
nb: no heating, and access for wheelchairs is limited

Robert Jackson, The Chapel, The Street, Westleton

Telephone: 01728 648616


Second Hand Book Specialists

Lorna and Gordon Turner, Grange View, Westleton
Telephone: 01728 648561

Bridge Nurseries (Incorporating Fisk Clematis)

Telephone: 01728 648850 and 648942

Cottage Florist and Water Colour Artist

Mike Williams
Telephone: 01728 648743

Mobile Library
Alternate Fridays
War Memorial 12.00 -1.00pm

Village Recorders

 Alison Paul: Telephone 01728 648685
Penny Rous