Parish Council

Dates of Parish Council Meetings

Westleton Parish Council normally meets at 7.30pm on the last Monday of each month with the exception of August and December when there is no meeting, or if that date is a Bank Holiday. The Parish Meeting in April and the AGM in May start at 7.00pm.

Dates of meetings in 2017.


23rd January

27th March
24th April
22nd May
26th June
24th July
August no meeting
25th September
23rd October
27th November
December no meeting


Details of any additional meetings will be posted on the village notice board.

The meetings are held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Members of the public and press are welcome to attend, there is normally the opportunity to raise queries or matters of concern at the beginning of the meeting.


Agenda for Council Meetings

When available the agenda for the next meeting can be seen by clicking here.

This is normally available a week before the next meeting.

To see a copy of the Suffolk County Councilor's annual report for 2016-17 click here.

To see a copy of the Suffolk Coastal District Councilor's annual report for 2016-17 click here.

Westleton Parish Councillors

Andrew Paige (Chairperson)
Arlette Smith (Vice Chairperson)
Alex Alexander
Julian Alexander
Antony Clough
Chris Freeman
Paul Holmes
Roy Jones
Nick Shearme
Roy Swindell


Clerk of the Council
Madeleine Kerry
Mulleys Cottage, Mill Street, Westleton, Saxmundham IP17 3BD
Tel: 01728 649036


To see the Register of Members' Interests follow the link below:-

Advisory Group Members

Community Field Working Party:- Cllr R Swindell,Cllr A Page,Cllr J Alexander,Cllr P Holmes,Cllr C Freeman. Co-opted members:- Alan Hargreaves,Craig Alexander, Jonathon Alexander, Kevin Berry and Nick Shearme.

Bonfire Working Party:_ Cllr A Clough, Cllr C Freeman, Cllr P Holmes,Cllr J Alexander, Cllr N Shearme:- Co-opted members Kevin Smith, Kevin Berry, Craig Alexander and Jonathon Alexander.

Commons Working Party:- Cllr A Smith, Cllr J Alexander, Cllr R Swindell, Cllr R Jones. Co-opted members:- Gordon Turner,Nick Shearme, David Rouse and John Bebbington.

Housing Needs Survey Working Group:- Cllr A Alexander,Cllr P Holmes, Cllr R Swindell, Cllr A Smith,  and Cllr J Alexander .

Planning Sub Committee:- Cllr R Swindell.



The Parish Council have submitted their response to EDF's stage 2 consultation. To see it click here.


Westleton Housing Needs Survey

At their meeting on June 23rd 2013 the Parish Council received a briefing by Sunila Osborne the Suffolk Acre Rural Housing Enabler on the  Westleton Housing Needs Survey Report carried out by Suffolk Acre. It was agreed that the Parish Council would further consider the report before making a decision regarding the next step to be taken.
To see a copy of the Report Summary click here.


2016/2017 Audited Accounts

To see a copy of the Westleton Parish council audited accounts for 2016/2017 click here.


To see a copy of the Council's Employers Liability Insurance click here.



Minutes of Previous Meetings

Click on the dates below to download the minutes